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Infused Acrylic

24 inches X 72 inches

Temple Terrace, FL


This art was created based on a proprietary technique I have developed called Infused Acrylic where layers of silk and pigments are used to create this art. The art is unique as during the day it is designed to look metallic. When you front light the artwork it would look like a sheet of metal solid and opaque and shinny. However as the day light fades the artwork loses its solidity and starts looking like a sheet of glass and light seems to peek through it. Optional back lighting of the artwork will make it come alive with different colors and motion created by different lights interacting with the silk layers. Primary Colors Used: Silver, Grey, Pthalo Green. While this painting has been sold I can create a new one like this for you with your choice of colors and design. Just use the end me the details.

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