What Makes Infinite Fine Arts Different


Modern Artists

Modern artists are perhaps marked as such by being not as traditionally based as figurative painters or landscape painters might be. Using an interesting medium, or having a novel process for producing your art,or your subject matter - all these things might make you a modern painter.


Painting Pictures

Painting pictures is a very simple way of describing what an artist does - it is the mechanical aspect of what they are doing, but it doesn't really give much indication of the whole process that is involved with conceiving of the painting and the journey from inspiration to completion.



If you love our artwork and want to support the artist and want to own a piece of art, but can't quite afford an original piece of art - all of works are available as high quality prints. We want our work to have an affect on the people who see it, and we want them to be able to have a great relationship with the pieces of our that they love, and prints make that possible.