What Makes Infinite Fine Arts Different

Welcome to a world of limitless aesthetic imagination. Here, life is expansive, harmonious and illuminating. Featuring the artwork of Sanjib Mallik. Get art that transforms your space and brings it alive - our art comes alive as the light changes, and so will your space.


Custom Wall Art

Infinite Fine Arts is an artistry brand that specializes in wholly custom wall art for the different individuals who find our brand of visual and still art appealing. 


Glass Wall Art Panels

The artists at Infinite Fine Arts have developed a special form of glass art wall panels that can either be installed upon the construction of a new building or can be done as parts of a new wall that one decides to create as an addition or divider, or just as a standalone decoration in their house or commercial building.


Illumination Glass Art

Illuminating glass art pieces are those that are created to turn bright or dark depending on the lighting in the room the piece is hung in, throughout the day, or at the owners whim.