Our Illuminating Art

Our art is both illuminating art in the figurative and the literal sense. Our patented infused acrylic technique produces works of art that comes alive in your space - as the light interacts with your piece of art you will see it evolve in a dialogue with its surroundings.

Why do people by art? It isn't merely for decoration - on some level it communicates with them, and it produces an effect when it is viewed. Each time that someone looks at a piece of art it can produce a different effect because the art is being viewed in a different context - whether the viewer has changed or perhaps the setting for the art has changed; something new may be emphasized.

Illuminate Your Space, Buy Our Art!

With our art, the fact that it changes under different light, and that it transforms into what is effectively a different piece of art, means that the developing relationship between the viewer and the art is even more rich.

A piece of art that can be viewed once, and which offers little chance for repeated viewings and reinterpretation isn't going to be something that lasts very long as a piece that someone wants hanging in their space. You are not going to have that problem with our art - you are going to enjoy having it in your space, and you are going to enjoy looking at it.