Modern Art Paintings

Modern art paintings come in many forms, and derive from many different traditions, from abstract, to landscape, to portraiture and all the different schools that there have been throughout the ages, and some of these you will see represented in our work.


If you are looking for modern art paintings that can stimulate you, then you are going to love the pieces that we have available. Our visually stunning work will really communicate with you, and will be a great focal point in your home or office space.


We are available to advise you on placement, or what piece of artwork best for the space you are looking at. Also, we work on commission, and we can create a piece of work specifically for you, that communicates more directly with you.

Fill Your Space With Modern Art, Call Now!

These paintings, that combine a highly aesthetic sensibility and an innovative technique that produces a very engaging effect, are going to be increasingly sought after as Sanjib Malik's profile increases, and more people are exposed to his great art. You get the change to support an emerging artist and to own a piece of great art.


You will want your painting in a prominent place so you and your guests can really appreciate it, and so it can really work its magic. Whatever room you choose to hang it in, it is destined to become a focus of conversation, and a piece that you will enjoy looking at.