Illuminating Art

Our art is both literally and figuratively illuminating art - it has light as an integral part of its construction, but we know that the pieces themselves also provoke great feeling in those who view them.


Light affects a room as it moves around and casts shadows throughout the day, and some rooms are favored because they are sun-traps; or an area outside might be prized because it is shady. Light has an affect on people and produces responses - our art, designed to be responsive to light, does the same things, and becomes an artwork that is a little more fluid than other works.


When you see our art in person, and can observe the way it works firsthand we know that you will be seduced by it. While the process we use is integral to the creation of the art, you will see that there is nothing arbitrary about the way in which it works - that it serves to enhance and transform the experience of the viewer, and increases the depth of the piece.

Illuminate Your Space With Our Art, Call Now!

If you are looking for illuminating art then check out some of the existing pieces that we have created, and of course let us know if you would like to commission us to make a custom piece of art for you and for your workspace or home. If you have any queries at all we would also love to hear from you, and we will happily answer all your questions.