Great Color Changing Art

Color changing art is a great concept - built into the piece of art is a quality that allows it to evolve as the light changes, as the lights shone on it change; or even when the music linked to the lights in its environment changes. This makes the art something that is dynamic, and which interacts, and it means the piece is constantly in a state of flux, and its flux engages the viewer ... you want to watch what it is going to do and see what is going to be revealed that has been hidden under one type of light.

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People get interested in our art, and then they get interested in the process used to make it. The art engages on both a visceral level and on an intellectual one. When you stop wondering about how it is done the piece still speaks to you on an emotional level.

Even if our art were to just be painted using traditional techniques we are confident it would still have an audience. These added layers merely increase the spectacle the piece is able to generate, and they do add an extra dimension to the work. That these layers of meaning and transformation are present in the art, and that they are something that the artist has been thinking with, means that it is something integral to the creation of the pieces and the eventual way that they are received, and the meaning that can be found in them.