Fine Artwork

Looking for a piece of fine artwork? You have arrived in the right place. Art should provoke thought, but it should also be easily understandable on some level, and should produce an effect. Our aesthetic and compelling pieces really do draw in the eye. and even if they did not react to light in the way they do, would bear repeated viewings. That the art changes with the light though adds an extra intriguing visual component and whole other layers of meaning to the pieces.


Support an artist who is going to be huge and get an original piece of artwork. If you are an art lover now is the perfect time to invest in Sanjib and his work, and get some wonderful art. You can either purchase one of the pieces that he has already created, or you may want to commission him to create something more personalized just for you.


We are always developing and pushing what can be done with the pieces that we create - exploring new ways of utilizing the unique effects of our patent pending process infused acrylic. We want to elevate people and make them think - to give them a great experience, and to communicate with them. When we meet people at shows we see that our art has this effect, and we love the idea that someone gets to take a piece home with them, and that in the context of wherever they put it, and the environment it is in, that they develop an entirely new relationship with it, and that even more layers of meaning are given to the work.