Fantastic Battery Operated Color Changing Art

Our battery operated color changing art takes a very simple device and couples it with our patent pending process of infused acrylic and creates a piece of work that visually interesting and compelling to observe.

We want you to hang a piece of our art on your wall. We know that once you do you will get a lot of pleasure out of it. To create an interesting image that makes you want to look at it more than once, which provokes good aesthetic responses in you after that initial viewing - there is definitely some artistry in evidence there.

Buy A Living Piece Of Art Today!

Stand in front of one our pieces, or perhaps pull up a chair, and watch it as the light plays over it, or as the lights synch with some music you have chosen, and you will get a very rewarding experience.

Whether you want to buy an existing piece that you have fallen in love with, or you want to commission us to paint you a new work, we know that this piece of art will be something that you have a long relationship with.

We love creating new pieces of art, and we know that those who invest in our art like the aesthetic and the innovation involved in our pieces. Every piece sold creates new innovation and the creation of new pieces of art, so for a lover of art this is a win win situation. Contact us today!