Commission Custom Paintings

If you like an artist, there is nothing better than to get custom paintings from them. To know that you are supporting art through your patronage, and that with your commission you are going to get a piece of art that embodies what you most like about the artists you are commissioning, is a great thing.

You get to sit down and discuss with the artist what you like about their work, and the kind of thing that you are looking for, so your commissioned piece embodies all of your favorite qualities. Your space can be taken into consideration, the kind of effect you are wanting the piece to have, and any other ideas that you have about what you want from the art can be used to inform the piece that we create for you.

Get Your Own Custom Art, Talk To Us Now!

We know that you love our art and you have pictured a piece of it in your space, and we want you to have that. Come and see our work at various shows and galleries and you will see that it transforms the space and really brings it alive.

Find one of our paintings that you really admire, as a reference point, then come to us with an idea of what you would like. We love creating, and we love the challenge of creating something that captures the essence of our own work and something which really communicates to you. Contact us now!