Color Changing Wall Art

Our color changing wall art is so steeped in the notion of transformation that you really are getting a piece that, depending on when and where you are viewing it, is literally a different piece of art. Or perhaps it might be better to say that the piece of art is a conversation that develops and changes throughout the day, or as provoked by the lights which we can provide you with to truly bring the art to life.


It is not often that you get a piece of art or an installation that is quite so dynamic, that evolves throughout the day, and that can evolve as you listen to music; which can in fact be programmed to evolve and change in various ways. We are always looking for new ways to explore and extend the application of our infused acrylic technology as well; creating new pieces that exploit all the wonderful possibilities that the technique presents.

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The description "color changing wall art" barely captures the evocative transformation that occurs in the pieces as the light in concert with the special paint that we use works its magic. We have seen people who see our art, at the various exhibitions we attend, hang around to see exactly how the art is going to look as the light works on it.


We know that both the technique and the art itself are things that people find fascinating, and all of this builds on pieces that are extremely aesthetic and are designed to communicate something infinite.