By: Sanjib Mallik

Early morning flight
I look outside my window
White cloud stretched over the world
Like a blanket

Sun rising behind me
Rays falling gently now not as harsh
As a midday Sun

See glimpses of the world
Through tattered holes
Light still flickers for a morning
Yet to come

I do not envy sleepers below
Happy to be in Angel stead
Wishing well to all, for the day to come

The drone around me
The constant hum reminds me
Of power that hurl
This small contraption human born

Few minutes pass
We barely move
 Yet miles  probably pass us by

Few more minutes pass me by
Going forward  where I need to be
Sea of clouds now way below
Up above a clear blue sky

Around me other souls reclined
A few already hard at work while others
Sipping coffee or perhaps reposed

There will be other days and other flights
When things might go awry
But it is not today and I am glad
It is going smooth and fine

Should you find yourself one day
In a flight of your own
Hope your flight is a tranquil one
As you spread your wings and soar

Posted on July 30, 2015 .