Artwork can transform the way you look at a room, bringing something to it that may not have been obvious about the space otherwise. Using the piece to add a certain flavor that complements your existing decor and aesthetic is also an option. It can tie a room together or it can be just viewed as something in and of itself.

We understand that the reasons for purchasing a piece of artwork are varied, and that what someone gets out of the art is likewise varied. We also know that over time the relationship between the viewer and the artwork changes, and as a creator of artwork that is very much based in the notion of changing relationships, both in a spatial, chromatic and symbolic sense, we celebrate the fact that our art can exist in so many different states.

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As the light moves through the room you have displayed your art in, you will be able to see your art respond to those changes, and we know that it will produce a pleasurable change in yourself as well. The art that we make engages its audience in a dynamic way, interacting with the environment - it can also be programmed to interact with music as well.

We know that as well as having an aesthetic piece of art that looks different when exposed to changing light, that there is something very cool about the whole process of the change as well, and that people who view our work enjoy this aspect of the work as much as anything.

If you are interested in obtaining a piece of art for yourself, or have any kind of question, please call us, we will be happy to speakto you.