Art Exhibition

The best way to see an artist's work is displayed at an art exhibition, where you can see it displayed to the best effect. With each piece given the space it needs for your consideration, you really get to appreciate the way each work affects its surroundings and has a wonderful transformative effect.

Come And See Our Art,

Fall In Love With It!

We love showing our work, and we love the way that people respond to the work when they get to see it in a live setting. It definitely has a very observable effect upon the viewer when they look at the art, and then when they see the way the art reacts to light they get really super interested and want to stand and watch as the art changes.

We are always updating our site to let people know what exhibitions we are displaying at, and we would love to have you come along and meet us, and see our paintings, ask the artist any questions that you might have, and maybe pick up a piece of art for yourself.