Art Definition

What is art? A deceptively simple question that could tie someone up for a long time and have them floundering around. Look at the varied catalog of great artists and artistic styles that seem so disparate and unrelated to each other, and nailing down an all-encompassing simple answer might seem like an impossible task.

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Art is a communication. Pretty simple, right? Sanjib Malik's art communicates - you look at it and you get a very visceral reaction to it. You don't have to think about it, it just engages you. If you need an intermediary to explain what the art is about, what it does, and what it is doing, then the artist has failed to some degree.

The layered communications, and the way the painting really enters into communication with its surroundings, as light affects it, makes our paintings very engaging. You talk about them, and you watch them as the infused acrylic process is really displayed to its best advantage.