Abstract Paintings

The great thing about abstract paintings is that they can be viewed many times and you never get the same thing out of the experience. The mutable nature of the experience of a piece of art is something that we have amplified with our patented process, which makes the art change either as light changes, or via a series of LED lights which we can program to respond in certain ways.

Depending on the scale of the artwork that you see, the effect can extend beyond just the painting and into the environment in which it hangs as well. Our process and our art can be scaled and adapted to transform whole spaces, and to create amazing effects that make your home or office a piece of art.

Enjoy Your Own Piece Of Art!

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Our abstract paintings would draw in your eye even if viewed without our patented process working upon them. The fact that this process layers in so many different ways to view the painting adds so much to the continuing experience and relationship you are going to have with whichever painting you choose.

We are always exploring new ways to work with different visual elements, and to utilize the process we have developed, and we are always interested in any responses you have to our art. We really like to hear how it has affected you.

If you have any questions at all about our art please let us know - we will happily answer them.