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Sanjib Mallik

Sanjib Mallik

With an Electrical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Sanjib Mallik has combined his over 25 years of business consulting and industry experience with his 20 plus years of creating in the field of the arts to produce a cutting edge fine art technique called "Infused Acrylic". 

As the owner of Infinite Fine Arts, Sanjib uses his hands on, strong project managerial background to create a customer-centric, out of the box, problem solving approach to each art installation. He has the ability to effortlessly bridge the gap between business, art and technology. 

The History of the Process

Sanjib Mallik trained as a print maker in the 80s while in Europe. It was here that he learned about a specific type of viscosity print developed by etching images on zinc plates and applying Cyan, Magenta and Yellow with different amounts of oil in them. The difference in the volume of oil allowed the colors to blend differently at different areas of the plate based on the depth of the image.

A few years later he lived in New York working with a group of artists in the Lower East Printshop. He wanted to create images that were large but it was expensive to buy Zinc plates of large size and it was difficult to work with Nitric acid (Nitric acid is a strong acid used cut into the parts of the metal).

It was then that he started to experiment with other printmaking styles, silkscreens, cyanotype* and gum print*. He then started developing a process of using 3 acrylic plates with different colors all imprinted one after another on one sheet of paper. He liked the result and created many works following this process.

The acrylic plates he used had such clarity and with their ground-in left over colors and shades they looked interesting and kept him intrigued.  Something about them stayed in the back of his mind so much that he was not able to throw away a single piece of these plates. When he looked at the plates in the light of sun they always looked interesting and they always changed how they looked throughout the day.

Finally, he decided to create a work of art with the sole objective to see if he could layer different colors on the same plastic and see if he would still be able to see the image clearly, see the color variations and depth clearly.  He questioned if this would be a viable medium for work. At that time he was still thinking of these as paintings- traditional two dimentional forms you see hanging on the wall.

This process evolved to taking an acrylic plate and layering silk over it. Once the fabric was attached to the plate he drew out a general theme on the plate. He used knives and sharp implements to create lines and impressions on the plate and then apply the first color. The color was diluted enough to dry transparent and yet in the grooves and lines he had created, it would dry with enough contrast to be seen clearly. Again and again he lays new layers of fabric, apply color and cut into the fabric again. This created different values of the same color- some areas darker and some areas lighter. He repeated this process again and again building layer upon layer of fabric color by color until he achieved an aesthetic level of satisfaction that the image was ready.

This techniques has been used to create:

  1. Small 3 dimensional lamps for mood lighting.
  2. Large 3 dimensional lamps for mood lighting. 
  3. Folding screens for homes and privacy partitions for offices that can shield open sunlight and change all through the day as the sun moves across the sky. 
  4. Stained Glass type application for windows.
  5. Light boxes with complete state of art LED lighting that can change the color from warm white to magenta and pulsate to music. 

The old printing plates that he saved have become part of his latest series called Recycled Art.  From being the mere leftover and byproduct of a process, he has made them the works of art they should be. In the olden days masters used to draw over one painting leaving that old work below. In the Recycled Art series he has overlaid new images on top of old, merged old images into new ideas and on some they will continue as a ghost of their former selves.

This new series will encourage all viewers to interact with it by changing the color of the light shining through the work. 

And now a complete new set of creative items have been developed:

  1. Sofa Tables that add excitement ones entrance area or kitchen with changing color.
  2. Headboards that remove the need for light and that can change with ones mood.
  3. BOCCA or Battery Operated Color Changing Art - making Art that can change color yet transportable in a compact package.

Explore them as you wander through these pages.